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The Nueva Barquita Project aims to reclassify approximately 53 hectrares land in La Javilla, Santo Domingo for construction. This land, located in the northern margin of the middle basin of the Ozama river, will be developed in order to relocate the more than 5,500 residents who occupy high flood risk areas in the sector of La Barquita in East Santo Domingo. 

La Baraquita, one of the poorest areas in Santo Domingo, suffers regular flooding during hurricane seasons. One of the main issues is the lack of sanitation drainage systems, which get overrun during floods, reducing quality of life.

By relocating these 5,500 residents from La Baraquita, this project aims to remove the risk of flooding, social exclusion, improve quality of life and improved social cohesion.

Of these 53 hectares, 30 ha will not be used for construction, and instead will be used to expand the green belt within Santo Domingo, with the aim to improve environmental quality.

Aftermath of flooding in La Barquita

Working alongside municipalities in Santo Domingo and Cuenca Ozama, WFO the Americas will provide community technical assistance in order to increase and both operational and technical capacities for waste management to collect, sort and recycle waste, as well as locally convert it where possible to create valuable products.

By campaigning and organising workshops and training, we aim to educate and empower communities to collect, sort recycle and ultimately reuse waste locally as much as possible to create valuable products. Through this we aim to create new green jobs for local communities and improve both environmental quality and quality of life.


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