WFO Launch & Live Demonstration in Erquy, France 

8 JULY 2016

Alain Cadec, Member of European Parliament and the Waste Free Oceans foundation organized a marine litter collection and recycling live demonstration at the waste sorting center Kerval Centre Armor in Erquy, France.


Over 50 participants took part in the event and represented both international and local plastics industry companies, environmental organizations, European institutions and associations.


“Thanks to Waste Free Oceans, the trawl will remain in Erquy to serve on a regular basis for marine litter cleanup operations”, said Alain Cadec, Member of the European Parliament and Champion of the foundation since 2014, who has previously underlined the importance of collaborating with fishermen to collect floating marine debris. “This demonstration is a concrete local example of circular economy, in which fishermen hold the important role of collecting marine litter which will then be recycled”.


The event was of particular significance to Alain Cadec who is also Chairman of the Department of Côtes d’Armor’s Council Assembly. As Chairman of the Fisheries Committee in the European Parliament and rapporteur of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, Alain Cadec explained: "This is a concrete example of the benefits of Europe. Decisions on funding local development in coastal areas is made by the local actors themselves through the EMFF [European Maritime and Fisheries Fund]."


Guardians of the Sea Conference at the European Parliament, Brussels

14 October 2015

The conference was hosted by MEP Alain Cadec, WFO Champion and Chairman of the Fisheries Committee. The conference gathered over 60 participants coming from the plastics industry, associations, NGOs, the European Commission and the European Parliament.

MEP Alain Cadec opened the conference by rightly stating that, in the fight against marine litter, “it is crucial to collaborate with fishermen as they are best equipped to collect floating debris”. Bernard Merkx, Co-Founder of Waste Free Oceans, discussed the need to determine marine litter hotspots, that is, where there is a regular accumulation of litter due to natural or human causes. Fishing for litter is not to be carried out in a “random” manner but must be optimized by targeting hotspots.

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