WFO Asia is setting up a unique project in India, helping to develop a circular economy in the country. The aim is to turn mixed flexible plastic packaging into a social housing concept in the slums, which will take waste from the streets, rivers and beaches of Mumbai.  

Our river trials in Mumbai, as well as the important feedback and assistance from Afroz Shah and his volunteers, will ensure a better environment, by cleaning up the rivers and beaches, but also a social project for the local and regional community, by providing housing and education. Moreover, the project aims to create thousands of jobs in sorting and production of boards, which can be used for housing, shelters and outdoor furniture.

Launch of a trawl in Mumbai

WFO Asia sent a special Thomsea trawl net to AVI Global Plast in Mumbai, in December 2019. Together, we have set up the first dry run, as well as local river trials, in order to test the trawl in river conditions, to collect and sort the plastic. This is the first phase of a 6-month period looking to test the collection of river and ocean plastics. A report on the quantities and audit of the collected waste will follow afterwards, before entering the second phase of the overall project, i.e. "Social and Feasibility".


Afroz Shah, an inspiring figure for beach clean-ups

Afroz Shah, a young Indian lawyer from Mumbai, is the man behind the world’s largest beach clean-up project. Every weekend, Shah is inspiring volunteers to join him. They have been showing up at Versova Beach for what Shah calls "a date with the ocean", but it’s actually labouring in rotting garbage under the scorching Indian sun. Shah drew the world’s attention by removing 9,000 tonnes of trash from Versova Beach, cleaning 52 toilets and removing trash from the creeks with the help of local residents and fishermen.