If we want to change behaviours, the young generation is the place to start.


This book allows us to do it in a fun way, by telling us the story of two siblings who creatively approach marine debris...


Pictures by Julia Patschorke

The Book

A brother and sister embark on a sea adventure and become concerned by the amount of marine litter in the water. With the help of Plastian and other animal friends, they construct a trawl to collect the floating debris. 

WFO has partnered with Nicole Intemann, an Austrian school teacher, in order to improve societal awareness on the impacts of marine litter and the importance of recycling, especially for the next generation.

Plastian the Little Fish is a children’s book designed to educate children aged 5-10 about the impacts of waste in our oceans and finding new and creative ways to reduce floating debris in a colourful, user-friendly way.

It was voted notable book by the Deutsche Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur e. V. in 2015.

Waste Free Oceans aims to have Plastian translated into all major languages and introduce him to children in schools, homes and libraries.

Nicole Intemann, Austrian school teacher and the book's author with MEP Alain Cadec in the European Parliament

Plastian the Little Fish is now available in English, German and French. If you wish to buy a copy of the book click the button below.


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