The Plastic Recycling Conference Asia 2020 (PRCA 2020) was held on 7 January 2020, in Mumbai. The event focused on the global technologies in plastics and plastic recycling industry, as well as waste management. The first edition of this franchise covered the entire supply chain, challenges and innovations in the industry.


The main reason for organising this conference was to raise awareness of how plastic waste can be turned into a trade opportunity among the industrialists and manufacturers and to present techniques, strategies, challenges and technologies for a sound plastic recycling. 


Alexandre Dangis, Managing Director of EuPC and co-founder of Waste Free Oceans, was invited as an event speaker, on the topic of "The Future Of Plastics Recycling in Europe and Globally”. His very interesting keynote speech attracted a lot of attention from the attendees and other panelists, leading to improved contacts in India, which are helping develop concrete actions on local recycling and circular economy.

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Alexandre Dangis, co-founder of WFO, giving a speech at the conference