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WFO - An important piece in the puzzle of clean oceans

Plastic debris in the ocean is an emerging global environmental issue, with densities up to 580,000 pieces per square kilometer documented and particularly high along coastal areas. As global plastic production is increasing exponentially, doubling roughly every 11 years, between 2016 and 2026, humans will make as much plastic as has been manufactured between the 1950s and 2016. Waste Free Oceans has been working mostly in the background, but recently noticed a growing interest in the solutions we offer.

While certainly not a "fix-all" to the issue of plastic in our oceans, as others may claim to have found, Waste Free Oceans provides an important piece in the puzzle of practical solutions to the issue of marine litter.

Our “Ocean Trash Catchers” are floating nets made from coated fabrics that can collect floating debris without significant bycatch, as the trawl only extends into the waters by 70cm. The net can be attached to small and large boats, or, if the body of water is a river, be statically placed so that currents lead to natural collection of floating debris. Once full, the net can be lifted from the water with the use of a crane, emptying the contents into a container so that the waste can get sorted and recycled.

Thierry, creator of the Trash Catcher, received the French Legion D'Honneur for his involvement in cleaning up oil spills

Consumption of fuel in collection of marine litter is minimal as collection and recovery of marine litter will only take place in predefined hotspots of ocean debris. Additionally, fishing vessels operate at slow speeds with a maximum of 2 knots.

As collection has proven to work - we tested the catcher in over ten locations already - our aim is to distribute the technology in coastal regions with accumulating waste in hotspots around the world.Coastal cities, waste-polluted rivers and areas with large waste accumulation can install the net as a long-term answer to debris, no longer having to depend on hand-picking via beach clean-ups. For this, we always welcome interest from business or government, who would like to purchase or lease the net.

Transforming the trash into sustainable products
Waste Free Oceans collaborates with small and large brands that are interested in using collected trash to create products with ocean plastic content. Collected trash is sent to a local recycler for sorting, cleaning and turning into polymer pellets. A converter combines the pellets with other polymers creating a new ocean plastic product. Our brand partner steers production and launches the final item, playing a key role in educating consumers and offering sustainable options.

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