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With WFO’s help, the Ozama and Isabela rivers clean by 2018

On Tuesday, 21 November, the Ministry of Environment, the Farach Foundation, the Navy of the Dominican Republic and Waste Free Oceans (WFO) launched the Operation Castor to collect solid waste and sediment on the Ozama and Isabela rivers.

This project seeks to collect solid floating waste on the Ozama and Isabela, by using large collecting nets, aiming to free the rivers from contamination by 2018. It aims to create and implement a floating solid waste management system that starts with waste collection, separation, characterisation and correct final disposal.

Waste will be collected with WFO's trash catchers. After collecting the floating plastic and other debris, litter will be quantified and characterised.

Moreover, the operation will determine the amount of waste that enters the rivers and schedule investments for its extension.

Minister of the Environment Francisco Dominguez said the project will also create awareness among citizens, the business community and the government. Most importantly, it will shed light on how to improve the rivers cleanliness in the long run. “It’s highly satisfying to see the collaboration between the private, public and non-governmental sectors in dealing with the pollution of our rivers.”

WFO is proud that its technology is being used not only in Europe, but making its first appearances in the Americas and looks forward to bringing its net to waste hotspots in other American countries.

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