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WFO Africa Roadshow


WFO has collaborated with 10 African partners to organize cleanups as well as the practical aspects of using our demo WFO trawl in waterways and ensuring that the collected litter will be properly recycled in useful products to contribute to the new African circular economy for plastics. The trawl will be transferred from one country to another.

In October and November, Waste Free Oceans will organize cleanups in the last three countries of the roadshow: Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt.

WFO Caribbean Roadshow

Screenshot 2022-06-28 121604.png

In June 2022, Waste Free Oceans started its first Caribbean Roadshow, consisting in cleanups and educational projects in the Caribbean islands. The Roadshow’s first stop was the Dominican Republic, where Waste Free Oceans’ team organized multiple actions: a cleanup with teenagers from the school Hogar del Niño, other cleanups with volunteers as well as the use of the waste catching trawl.

Our next stops are Haiti, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Goudeloupe and the ABC Islands. 

Let's Clean Up the Danube Together


A three year repetitive programme of identified hotspot clean-ups and remediation projects in the Danube river basin, starting from Bulgaria and working towards the Black Sea in Romania, and in the Mediterranean, in close partnership with strong international partners.

Horizon Europe Projects


Waste Free Oceans is leading  the Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Work Package for SURPASS, a project which has received the funding of the European Commission as part of Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme.

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