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WFO launches "Plastian the little fish" in Italian

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

WFO is happy to announce that "Plastian the little fish", its children’s book educating the young generation on the issue of marine litter, is now available in Italian. The NGO has partnered with Nicole Intemann, an Austrian school teacher, in order to improve societal awareness on the impacts of marine litter and the importance of recycling, especially for the next generation.

The colourful pages depict the story of a brother and sister who embark on a sea adventure and become concerned about the amount of litter in the water. With the help of Plastian and other animal friends, they build a trawl to collect the floating debris.

The story, originally written in German, has already been translated into English and French. The book is printed on eco-friendly recycled paper and all of the author’s proceedings are spent on fighting marine litter.

The book is a useful instrument for those looking for educational material to work around this theme and can be used in schools, communities involved in beach clean-ups or other awareness raising projects, as well as for national and international marine litter related events.

WFO is calling on all those who are interested in raising awareness on marine litter to be part of the project and is keen on working with local sponsors to further promote this educational material. The aim is to distribute the book worldwide with the hope of inspiring children to build a future where the oceans are waste free.

WFO would like to warmly thank its partners Corepla and Crocco for enabling the publication of this book. For more information on becoming a sponsor, email us at

or Contact: Cyrielle Feumetio, WFO Chief Business Development Officer at

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