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How to Get Involved in WFO Clean-ups

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Our oceans are facing serious environmental issues, including marine litter pollution. Tonnes of debris are discarded each year across the world, polluting lands, rivers, coasts, beaches and oceans. This kind of pollution has now reached such a magnitude that you can witness it simply by walking on any beach on the planet. However, there are many things you can do to help reverse the trend.

Participating in a beach or riverside clean-up is an excellent way to commit yourself to helping our oceans and fighting marine litter pollution. WFO is inspired by the many volunteers, taking part in numerous initiatives all over the world, dedicated to cleaning up beaches and other parts of nature. However, the organisation believes that better coordination is needed in order to ensure better results.

That is why WFO aims to build new partnerships with local organisations and companies, in order to clean up beaches and riverbanks more efficiently together. This year, the NGO started new collaborations with various clean-up organisations across Europe: Go Clean De Liemers (see picture), Clean Coast Sardinia, Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, Beach Cleaner, Sailors for the Sea and HELCOM for its Clean Beach campaign.

In addition to this, there is another way you can help make a change. While you are walking, running or cycling in your local area, you can also conduct a quick litter clean-up. As technology develops, there are now so many different apps which allow you to log the waste you find. One of them is Litterati, with which WFO works. This app enables you to photograph the litter you collected and tag it to your location. Other users can check the map and, if a waste hotspot seems to appear in a particular place, litter pickers can go there to remove the trash.

Waste Free Oceans supports such initiatives and encourages people to get involved in its challenges. If you want to participate in a WFO clean-up or to work with WFO to set up beach or riverside clean-ups for your company, organisation or group of volunteers, please send an email to

Contact: Cyrielle Feumetio, WFO Chief Business Development Officer at

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