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Second cleanup in the Dominican Republic!

Waste Free Oceans would like to thank its volunteers for the amazing work they did during the cleanups of August 26 and 27 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

On August 26, the WFO waste-catching trawl was placed on a cañada, a small river, and on August 27, many volunteers gathered on the beach Playa de Guibia and filled lots of bags with plastic waste. On that day, the trawl was also emptied for the first time. It will remain in the cañada for a few months and be emptied regularly.

The collected waste was then brought to the recycling plant Rizek Vidal Recyclers’.

We would like to thank our partners Eco Eyewear and Jorge Rizek who co-organized and participated to the cleanup, as well as Papier-Mettler for always offering us recycled waste bags to use during our cleanups!

For more pictures, check our gallery on!

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