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The WFO new cleanup in the Dominican Republic is happening today!

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Waste Free Oceans, with the help of its partners ECO Eyewear, the international eyewear brand, and Jorge Rizek, CEO and founder of the recycling plant Rizek Vidal Recyclers, will organize a new cleanup today and tomorrow in Santo Domingo as part of the WFO’s Caribbean Roadshow.

After the success of our educational project with the children of the school Hogar del Niño on June 16th when, along with WFO’s volunteers, the children and their teachers cleaned the banks of the river Río Dulce, Waste Free Oceans comes back to the Dominican Republic to continue its Caribbean Roadshow, before moving to Haïti and other countries in the region. Through our cleanups, we aim to inspire a change in consumption habits and behaviors, and to initiate new decisions on a government level concerning plastic sorting and recycling.

Today, Friday 26th of August, the WFO waste-catching trawl will be placed on a small river named Cañada de Cuesta Hermosa, and will stay there for a few months, being regularly emptied.

On Saturday 27th of August, there will be a big cleanup on Playa Guibia, in Santo Domingo, with about 50 participants.

The collected waste through these cleanups will be transported, then sorted and recycled in the recycling plant Rizek Vidal Recyclers. ​

Apart from inspiring a change in habits and collecting waste, the goal of this project is also to show the Dominican authorities that there are large quantities of waste on the island which, on the one hand, can be collected, and on the other hand, can be recycled and reused, and therefore to encourage them to accelerate the decision process to set up a large recycling plant in the country.

As a reminder, Waste Free Oceans is collaborating with local partners to set up a recycling plant in the Dominican Republic, which would be supplied with plastic waste from the whole Caribbean region. A second project will consist of sanitizing and developing the Ozama and Isabela rivers.

The cleanup project of this weekend would not be possible without the help of our local partner Jorge Rizek, and the support of ECO Eyewear, committed to provide a better future for the planet.

A video covering the cleanups will soon be released, stay tuned!

For more information, visit:, or contact us on

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