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Waste Free Oceans & Eco Eyewear Partner to Combat Plastic Pollution in Tanzania

Waste Free Oceans (WFO) is excited to announce our collaboration with Eco Eyewear and a local recycler to construct a floating barrier in Tanzania. This strategic partnership focuses on removing plastic waste from rivers, promoting sustainable practices, and making a positive environmental impact in Tanzania.


In an exciting development, our local partner, The Recycler, has successfully constructed a floating barrier designed to capture plastic waste from water streams. This innovative solution has undergone rigorous testing and has proven to be highly effective. The next step involves deploying the barrier in the Feza River in Dar Es Salam where they will commence monthly collections of various types of waste.


This collected waste will then be transported to The Recycler’s facilities for sorting and recycling, ensuring that the maximum amount of plastic is repurposed and prevented from harming marine ecosystems. This initiative highlights the power of partnerships in addressing environmental challenges and demonstrates our commitment to creating sustainable solutions.


Eco Eyewear’s involvement in this project underscores its dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. By supporting WFO’s mission, Eco Eyewear is helping to create cleaner waterways and contributing to the global fight against plastic pollution.


“We are incredibly proud to have Eco Eyewear as a partner in this crucial initiative,” said Alexandre Dangis, WFO Director. “Their support enables us to take significant strides in reducing plastic waste and protecting our oceans. Together, we are making positive waves in Tanzania and setting an example for sustainable brand collaboration.”


This partnership represents a significant milestone in WFO’s ongoing efforts to combat plastic pollution. With the support of Eco Eyewear and The Recycler, we are confident that we can make a substantial impact on the health of our waterways and the environment.


For more information about Waste Free Oceans and our initiatives, please visit


About Waste Free Oceans Waste Free Oceans is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing plastic waste in our oceans and waterways. Through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships, WFO aims to create a sustainable and waste-free future.


About Eco Eyewear Eco Eyewear is a leading sustainable eyewear brand committed to making a positive environmental impact. Eco Eyewear creates stylish and eco-friendly eyewear, using sustainable materials and supporting initiatives that protect our planet.

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