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WFO inspires local plastics recycling industry with the 2021 Africa Tour

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

WFO has launched the WFO 2021 African Roadshow, an awareness project to facilitate purposeful plastics waste management and empower African entrepreneurs in the industry. WFO Africa strengthens the support for an African Circular Economy and creates better opportunities for the current and upcoming generations. WFO Global launched its WFO Africa extension in September 2020 and set up a unique project that extends to 10 African countries to enlighten and beware the community regarding the harmful effects of plastic waste pollution. The central idea is to heighten the sense of responsibility among people and authorities and support a sustainable circular economy, strengthening Africa's local plastic recycling industry. Here are a few highlights that make the WFO Africa Tour a creative and beneficial plan for the environmental revolution:

  • WFO Africa will organise an educational or cleaning event in each country to demonstrate the practical aspects and usage of the WFO trawl.

  • The WFO trawl shipped from Brussels to Africa will be used in waterways, attached to a boat, to catch marine debris and will be transferred from one partner to another in the following order: Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo and Tanzania.

  • WFO will ensure that the collected plastic waste is adequately recycled into valuable products to contribute to the new African plastic circular economy.

  • Local media and national authorities will cover this event in each country.

WFO trusts all its partners in all the countries to follow the COVID-19 safety measures.

Bernard Merkx, Co-Founder of WFO expressed: "We are very pleased to intensify our cooperation in the transition towards a cleaner environment with our growing number of dedicated partners in the WFO Africa Tour. However, for the cleaning process, WFO Fishing for Litter department will remain operational for some more years." He further commented on the launch: "All of us need to work collaboratively towards better prevention, improved waste management infrastructure and legislation. WFO can bring in frontrunner knowledge and expertise in setting up and operate full-scale modern plastic recycling plants to process the collected waste. We call upon the authorities, private investors and international financial institutions to strategically make sufficient funds available." The Africa Tour has started from the countries of Togo and Ivory Coast in March 2021, with an educational event that will reach 40.000 children from both countries. The further plan of the African Tour regarding the next 8 African countries follows the time frame below:

  • The tour will afterwards continue in Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon, in April 2021

  • Gabon and Congo will be the following destinations for the tour in May 2021

  • WFO Africa Tour plans to reach Kenya in June

  • Tanzania is added to the plan for July 2021

  • In September 2021, the Africa Tour will finally reach its last destination, Egypt.

"The process of developing this project in Africa made us apprehend that there is a huge task ahead. Waste management is in extreme crisis in Africa. However, the continent has incredible potential with the increasing number of driven and ambitious entrepreneurs striving to impact their country by developing innovative waste management operations and strategies." Cyrielle Feumetio , the Project Manager, also said, "The dedicated plastic recycling entrepreneurs in Africa are initiating their efforts to instil a sense of responsibility towards the environment in the youth. With this African Tour, WFO wants to support all African entrepreneurs and their partners to achieve this environmental goal by providing solutions and to push their government to put enough efforts into regulating littering and waste management." Visit WFO's Website to explore their dynamic projects and for more details on the WFO 2021 Africa Tour, please contact: Cyrielle Feumetio, WFO Chief Business Development Officer at:

WFO 2021 Africa Tour - Official Teaser Video

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Anne Romero
Anne Romero
Oct 22, 2021

This is quite interesting.

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