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WFO partner Fapil launches “Ocean” household range

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Waste Free Oceans is happy to partner with Fapil, a market leader in Portugal in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of useful products for hygiene, household cleaning, laundry care and storage. Their products range from brushes to mops, brooms and buckets, for both domestic and professional purposes. This Portuguese family business always looks at creating social, environmental and economic value, at the same time maintaining a strong investment in innovation and development of new products.

Fapil has become a pioneer in producing kitchen and household cleaning accessories made from maritime recycled plastic of fishing gears. The company has recently launched an innovative range of household products made from a high percentage of recycled maritime plastic, combined with other recycled plastics and just a small percentage of virgin plastic. At least 20% of maritime recycled waste is used to manufacture them. The household collection, called “Ocean”, has 35 products, including brooms, brushes, buckets, storage boxes, clothes airers and other similar objects.

Waste Free Oceans advocates for a circular economy for plastics, as the solution to ocean plastic pollution. By building the bridge between companies and its trusted network of recyclers and converters, WFO enables them to create new and innovative products with a focus on quality and safety.

Find out more about Fapil’s “Ocean” household range here.

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