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Plastinsa joins the Waste Free Oceans Foundation

Plastinsa (Plásticos Inyectados SA) has recently joined Waste Free Oceans’ efforts of reducing water pollution by partnering with the foundation. Plastinsa is a family based company, founded by Jose Luis Banos in 1978; therefore celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Nowadays, it is one of the leading companies in Spain for Promotional POS/POP products made for the food and beverage industry. They produce coolers, ice buckets, trays, bottle openers, chalk boards, menu boards and various bar/restaurant accessories. Their clients include brands like Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Pernod Ricard, Heineken, Schweppes, PepsiCo, Mahou and their market mainly comprises countries in the EU.

Plastinsa started out as the tooling department of Caiba SA, a plastic transformer also founded by Mr Banos in 1955. Jose Luis Banos was a visionary and great entrepreneur. He was the first person to produce a plastic bottle for the olive oil market in the early 1960s in Spain and he took a leading role in the PVC to PET conversion during the late 1980s. Caiba is nowadays one of the largest producers of PET bottles in Southern Europe.

50% of all products made in Plastinsa are made of injected plastic, mainly PS, but also PEHD and PP (handles and caps for bottles); 30% are made of wood (crates, trays, exhibitors, displays); 20% are made of metal (mainly aluminium, stainless steel).

In 2002, the Jose Luis Banos Perelló Foundation was created, aiming to give back to the community some of the profits generated by the enterprises. Through this platform, many national and international humanitarian projects have been developed and many local non-profit organisations have been sponsored in order to help the lesser fortunate in the community.

In the later years, Plastinsa has been searching for more sustainable ways to do business. They are carrying yearly energy saving programmes, educational programmes for employees, various quality certifications and are set to a zero waste policy where they reuse 100% of their scrap internally. “We are very happy to become a member of the WFO family and we look forward to being involved in their activities. We feel that we are living critical times and we need to take the correct steps in the right direction”, concludes Nacho Banos, CEO of Plastinsa.

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