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First WFO Clean-Up in Sardinia

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Tonnes of plastic debris are discarded each year across the world. They pollute lands, rivers, coasts, beaches and oceans. Marine litter pollution has now reached such a magnitude that you can witness it simply by walking on any beach on the planet. This is why Waste Free Oceans is developing a new partnership with Clean Coast Sardinia, an Italian association organising clean-up operations on the island since 2018. With such collaborations, WFO aims to clean up beaches and riverbanks more efficiently.

Last Saturday, the two organisations held their first clean-up together in Sardinia. Ten volunteers gathered together on the Isula Manna beach in Ogliastra and managed to collect 30 bags of waste, for a total of 40 kg of glass, plastic, aluminium and paper. The majority of plastics found were polystyrene boxes used by fishing companies in the Mediterranean.

WFO believes this kind of partnerships are essential in the fight against marine litter and calls on volunteers to help making our oceans, beaches and rivers cleaner and healthier.

More information on Clean Coast Sardinia can be found on their website:

To learn more about WFO and our partnership opportunities, please visit or email us at


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