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Partnerships for COVID-19 personal protective equipment

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic is increasing the demand for personal protective equipment on a global scale, such as face masks, gloves and shields. That is why Waste Free Oceans, FullCycle and PLASTIX have been working closely together, with the support of GreenWavePlastics, on the manufacturing of two new protective products made from recycled fishing gear.

The purpose of these innovative products is to help people protect themselves and others against the COVID-19 virus, especially front-line workers in hospitals. However, people working at fish auctions, in the hospitality industry, in restaurants, theatres or shops, for instance, can also use these products.

The first equipment is the Oceanic Face Shield made from 100% recycled polypropylene copolymer (rPPC). At the moment, the production of one face shield recovers approximately 12.5 g of maritime-based recycled plastic for the green support and reinforcement bands. In the future, the whole product should be entirely made with recycled plastic, using rPET for the screen and recycled material (rPVC, rTPE and/or rubber) for the elastic band. The face shield is light, adjustable to the size of the head, but also modular to facilitate transportation, sterilisation and recycling.

The second product is called the Ocean Saver and was designed to avoid ear irritation caused by prolonged wearing of face masks and to minimise the discomfort of using them. The mask is attached and adjusted to the Ocean Saver placed behind the head. This protective equipment is entirely made from rPPC. For each item, approximately 8 g of maritime-based recycled plastic is used. The Ocean Saver is reusable and, therefore, must not end up in the environment in the same way as millions of disposable face masks are being littered every day.

These are examples of what can be done by recycling obsolete post-use fishing gear and ropes. Waste Free Oceans advocates for a circular economy for plastics and aims at building partnerships with plastic recyclers, converters, fishing and maritime industry, public authorities and other stakeholders.

WFO is proud to have jointly worked with our partners towards these new innovative products from recycled maritime plastic. You can purchase the items on the WFO webshop or with FullCycle mentioning "WFO".

For more information on WFO, please email:


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