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Waste Free Oceans and Kela Eco Boat at the Plastic Waste Free World Conference and Exhibition!

Last week, on November 9 and 10, Waste Free Oceans and its partner Kela Eco Boat shared a stand at the Plastic Waste Free World Conference and Exhibition in Cologne, Germany.

Waste Free Oceans decided to endorse Kela as a new and innovative solution to end plastic waste in our oceans’ environment in order to show you how, in the context of the marine debris emergency, we manage to collect marine litter and reduce the amount of plastic in the oceans.

Kela is an ecological boat made in Italy, designed to collect and separate spills of oil and semi-submerged waste, to oxygenate water in order to reduce the iridescence from hydrocarbons, and is also equipped with fire tanks to extinguish fire. It can go on seas, lakes and rivers and therefore carry out cleanup operations in highly polluted and not easily accessible areas.

In addition to the WFO waste-catching trawl that WFO uses to collect plastic waste during our cleanup operations, we will also organize joint cleanups using Kela’s technology.

At the Plastic Waste Free World Conference and Exhibition, you had the opportunity to meet both Waste Free Oceans’ and Kela’s teams: WFO presented its new recycled products, a model of its waste-catching trawl, and showed you how and where we do cleanups, while Kela presented a model of its boat with all the details on how it functions and where it currently operates. Next week, WFO will be present at the Plast Eurasia Fair in Istanbul. Hope to see you there!

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