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Waste Free Oceans Announces Q2 2024 Newsletter Highlighting New Initiatives and Upcoming Events

Waste Free Oceans (WFO), is excited to announce the release of its Q2 2024 newsletter. This edition covers the period from April to June, bringing information on our latest projects, accomplishments, and upcoming events.

Highlighted in this newsletter are the initiation of two new cleanups in Equatorial Guinea, demonstrating our commitment to preserving marine ecosystems and supporting local communities, and the installation of a new floating barrier in Tanzania designed to intercept floating waste, thereby protecting marine life and offering a scalable waste management solution.

Additionally, we provide an update on our ongoing European-funded project focused on reducing plastic waste across Europe, showcasing collaborative efforts to implement effective waste management strategies and promote circular economy principles.

Readers can also relive the success of our recent cleanup for Global Recycling Day last March through our latest video, which emphasizes the power of community action in addressing environmental challenges.

The newsletter also includes key policy updates affecting marine litter and waste management, covering legislative developments and advocacy efforts that shape the future of environmental protection and sustainable waste practices.

Finally, we are excited to announce that WFO will be organizing a major cleanup event with volunteers for World Cleanup Day in September, providing an excellent opportunity for individuals to get involved and make a tangible impact in their local communities.

More details on how to participate will be provided in the coming weeks.

Download the newsletter here:

Download PDF • 2.06MB

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