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Waste Free Oceans welcomes the tighter waste shipment rules presented by the European Parliament

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

PRESS RELEASE 10/02/2023

On 17 January 2023, Members of the European Parliament approved stricter procedures and control measures for waste shipment. The legislation seeks to better protect the environment and human health while also taking advantage of the opportunities provided to promote the drive towards circularity. The adopted text explicitly supports banning shipments of all wastes destined for disposal within the EU, except if authorized in limited and well-justified cases. EU exports of hazardous waste to non-OECD countries would also be prohibited.

The revised legislation comes at a time when waste exchanged around the world keeps growing. Eurostat reports that the EU alone is responsible for 32,7 million tonnes of waste exported in 2020 to non-EU countries, accumulating a value of €13 billion. Waste Free Oceans therefore welcomes the European Parliament’s decision and urges its members to further promote opportunities to deploy recycled solutions.

Alexandre Dangis, President of WFO welcomes the Waste Shipment Regulation. “Waste Free Oceans has always advocated to keep these valuable resources in Europe. It provides extensive opportunities to develop the products of tomorrow. The European Parliament’s decision comes at a time where the EU’s green agenda needs to be put into practice. This decision is a crucial step to improve waste management and increase investments in recycling and repurposing products in the EU.”

WFO insists it is important to hold these measures accountable to the EU’s environmental laws and regulation. Its implementation must be complemented by facilitating intra-European trade and considering the various recycling capabilities and infrastructures in Europe. Now is the time to take the opportunities presented by the legislation and develop new recycling facilities to reach the recyclability and recycled content targets.

Further details of the proposal will have to be discussed during negotiations between the European Parliament and EU Member States are scheduled for later this year. The strong support in the European Parliament shows the importance of the matter for Europe’s Green Agenda.


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Waste Free Oceans welcomes the tighter waste shipment rules presented by the European Parl
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