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WFO joins PolyCert Europe Steering Board

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

WFO has joined PolyCert Europe in support of the effort to bring together existing national certification schemes in a comprehensive system for polymer converters. The engagement of all stakeholders will accelerate the harmonisation of the methodology used for the assessment of recycled content in final products by helping converting companies support their claims by evidence and certification across the EU market. Such harmonisation is much needed to ensure compliance with the relevant standards and regulations and to stimulate circular economy.

At the same time, WFO is currently working on getting approved under the PolyCert platform and developing a tracking system for products manufactured using certified ocean bound plastic materials.

Frank Demeyere (WFO Asia Director), based in Hong Kong, highlights that “WFO wants to be able to provide global certification for waste materials from ocean and river environments and to document them through the supply chain, in order to provide complete traceability of WFO products using the Polycert certification of materials. This activity will enhance the credibility of environmental claims in our part of the world”, he said.

The PolyCert Europe compliance scheme is based on the principles of third-party auditing. Such auditing work must by definition be done by an auditing system based on a network of accredited certification bodies and independent auditors to ensure impartiality and credibility. The European network of accredited certification bodies will ensure a harmonised implementation of the PolyCert Europe scheme across Europe.

For more information on WFO, visit our website

Contact: Cyrielle Feumetio, WFO Chief Business Development Officer at

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