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Where Blue meets Green: Greener Rope for a Greener Globe

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Waste Free Oceans’ long-time strategic partner PLASTIX has developed a clean-tech mechanical recycling technology, which turns obsolete maritime ropes, nets and fishing gear into high-quality “Green Plastics”, with the trade name OceanIX.

"PLASTIX' OceanIX recyclates have now successfully been converted by PLASTIX’ Scandinavian value chain partners into the first-ever near to 100% recycling content new Green Ropes, as of now commercially available. Additionally, such “Green Ropes” have a significantly lower CO2-footprint compared to virgin plastics, thereby enabling industries and Member States to further comply with COP21 and EU Climate Change Agreements“, states Hans Axel Kristensen PLASTIX’ CEO.

This ground-breaking achievement in the EU plastics recycling and converting industries shows that even complex fibre products like maritime gear can enter into a growing number of products and material loops, to be recycled again and again.

A real historical moment and major breakthrough towards more circularity in the maritime industry. We really trust that EU Member States and authorities around the world will further speed up their efforts to also use their Green Public Procurement power to create a structural and sustainable blue and green economy market for such fully circular products. PLASTIX’ achievements will enable and speed up the global net & rope Industries (Maritime & Agriculture) into their transition to become fully circular.

Other industries like logistics, agriculture, building and construction, aviation, automotive, leisure and sports can as of now also benefit from this innovative development and procure such high recycling content ropes, fibres and other products.

Waste Free Oceans is very proud to have been inspirational for and actively involved in these developments and warmly congratulates the partners (@Plastix, @epsotech, @RandersReb, @dfs, @WasteFreeOceans) involved”, states Bernard Merkx, co-Founder of Waste Free Oceans Foundation.

For more information please contact:

Waste Free Oceans Bernard Merkx T: +32 2 739 63 79

PLASTIX A/S (Denmark) Fenella Metz Business Development T: +45 54 55 55 05

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