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New cleanup in Egypt on October 23rd in collaboration with DOW!


On October 23rd, Waste Free Oceans is moving to Egypt to continue its Africa Roadshow, joining hands with its partner DOW for the #PullingOurWeight Campaign, initiated in 2018.

The beaches of Alexandria, Egypt, are a good example of the plastic pollution that is ravaging beaches and oceans around the world. Waste is accumulating on the beaches at a staggering rate: PET plastic bottles, cigarette butts, and bottle caps are just some of the numerous types of waste that can be found there and that are seriously affecting local biodiversity.

Alexandria Beach, Global Times

In 2020, Waste Free Oceans decided to collaborate with Dow in order to organize multiple cleanups through Africa, collecting at least 10 tons of plastic waste, which will afterwards be sorted, recycled and reintroduced into the local circular market.

Dozens of volunteers will participate to the cleanup on Alexandria Beach on October 23.

The aim of the Pulling Our Weight global campaign is that volunteers remove at least four pounds of waste from beaches and waterways, which corresponds to the average amount of waste produced by one person in one day. The campaign is taking place in many countries worldwide, including Nigeria, Egypt and Kenya, for which DOW is partnering with Waste Free Oceans.

Such campaigns are really important in order to raise awareness of the problem of single-use plastic and plastic pollution in general, especially a few weeks before the COP 27 which will take place in Sharm el-Sheikh from 6-18 November 2022 and will focus on further tackling climate change and significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Through this cleanup, our goal is not only to clean the beach, but also to shape a sense of environmental responsibility among citizens and incite governments to invest in local recycling infrastructures.

Follow the journey:

DATE & LOCATION: Alexandria Beach, Egypt | October 23, 2022


DOW Corporate is a company providing sustainable materials science expertise to customers. For that purpose, Dow Corporate and its different partners collaborate to reduce their carbon footprint and plastic waste.

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Waste Free Oceans (WFO) is a non-profit organization that mobilizes the fisheries sector, the plastics industry, brand owners, and the wider public, in order to reduce the impact of marine litter in the oceans. WFO's operations focus on marine litter cleanups and “CIosing the Loop” projects, enabling new and innovative products to be designed and produced from the collected ocean waste.

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CONTACT: CIara Hoyas, Communications Executive at WF0,

WFO media contact:


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1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

New cleanup in Egypt on October 23rd in collaboration with DOW
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