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Our mission is to collect and transform ocean plastic

WFO is a non-profit organization that mobilizes the fisheries sector, the plastics industry, policy makers and the wider public, in order to reduce the impact of marine litter on our ocean environment and natural resources. We partner with recyclers, converters and brands to make optimal use of available resources and raise awareness of plastic pollution. Based in Brussels, we also have offices in the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


What we do:​​

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Cleanups on beaches with volunteers

Cleanups with the trash-catching trawl

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Raising awareness in schools

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Creating new recycled products


We acquired innovative Ocean Trash Catchers which can remove 2 to 8 tonnes of floating marine debris. They offer a locally implementable solution to marine litter: attaching nets to fishing boats or placing them statically on a river.


We collaborate with companies to create recycled products from collected material. Connecting brands to our trusted network of plastic recyclers and converters, we build the bridge in transforming marine litter into new products.

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By tying close ties to European policy makers, we lobby stakeholders at all levels to raise awareness on the issue of marine litter and implement projects to promote behaviour change. 

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To partner with business and organisations to collect plastic in our oceans and transform collected plastic to create items that tell a meaningful story.

To become a significant global driver of collecting and transforming ocean plastic, achieving substantial reductions of waste that contribute to a circular economy.

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WFO wins award

In 2021, WFO received the CAF International Validated Organization Badge, awarded to organizations that are structured and operated as nonprofit entities.


In 2013, WFO successfully lobbied EU policymakers to secure subsidies from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) for fishermen to perform marine clean-ups, as ensured by Article 40.

In 2012, WFO received the PBO (practical boat owner) award for Best Campaign or Initiative for the fishing for litter initiatives and promotion of practical solutions to address marine litter.

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