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Mixed Plastic Waste Project


Performing beach clean-ups in the North Adriatic coast and along the River Po in Italy, sorting the beach plastic waste suitable for recycling, obtaining the recycled plastic from film packaging, processing the first panels and building the first shelter demo to be exhibited at the Ecomondo fair in Italy and, at the same time, educating people and raising awareness on waste collection and sorting and developing new plastic products with the latest recycling technologies.

The Azores Project


​The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the prevention and the clean-up of plastics pollution in the Atlantic Ocean, by removing floating marine litter in São Miguel island, raising awareness among stakeholders, both policymakers and the public at large, by collecting information that documents the impact of marine debris, building the capacity of the project partners and supporting the mobilization of resources for a larger follow-up project that could cover the whole Azores area.

Educating the next generation on good marine habits


​Introducing "Plastian the Little Fish" - a children's book highlighting the impacts of marine waste on our oceans.
We aim to translate this book into every major language and introduce Plastian in schools, homes, and libraries across Europe and beyond.

The Ocean Plastic Book


The Ocean Plastic Book is made environmentally friendly from recycled ocean plastic. Every book helps to clean the ocean. It tells the story of little Pippa. She gets to live her dream and meets all the ocean animals. Only to find out that they cannot swim. Will she be able to free them from plastics – and finally swim with them?


Plastic Recycling Conference Asia 2020


​The Plastic Recycling Conference Asia 2020 (PRCA 2020) was held on 7 January 2020, in Mumbai. The event focused on the global technologies in plastics and plastic recycling industry, as well as waste management.

The Mumbai Project


​WFO Asia is setting up a unique project in India, helping to develop a circular economy in the country. The aim is to turn mixed flexible plastic packaging into a social housing concept in the slums, which will take waste from the streets, rivers and beaches of Mumbai.  

Cleaning up the Hong Kong Bay with WWF Hong Kong


​WFO Asia has collaborated with WWF Hong Kong on two initiatives to clean up Hong Kong Bay and provide alternatives to conventional packaging within the fishing sector.


Coalición Río - Cleaning up the Ozama and Isabela rivers


​WFO Americas will be a founding member of Coalición Río in the Dominican Republic, which aims to restore the Ozama and Isabela rivers and contribute to sustainable development in the region.

Community-led Development in La Nueva Barquita (CLD)


WFO the Americas will provide technical assistance to local communities within Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to increase both operational and technical capacities to collect, sort and recycle material.


Moi Jeu Tri

WFO Africa Roadshow-TogoIvoryCoastMJTProgramEvent.png

In partnership with the Association « Moi Jeu Tri » and « Africa Global Recycling » in Togo and in Ivory Coast, we are supporting the establishment of a "Moi Jeu Tri" programme in one Togolese school. We are also creating two educational videos around the protection of the lagoon and the ocean.

E2F Cameroon

WFO E2F Wouri-RiverTrawl-80.JPG

​WFO Africa and E2F foundation are jointly organizing a clean-up event in Cameroon with strong participation of local communities and E2F team members and volunteers.

WFO 2021 Africa Roadshow


​WFO has collaborated with 10 African partners to organise the practical aspects of using the small WFO trawl in waterways and ensure that the collected litter/waste will be properly recycled and converted into useful products to contribute to the new African circular economy for plastics. The trawl will travel from one country to another. 

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