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Tonnes of plastic debris are discarded each year across the world. They pollute lands, rivers, coasts, beaches and oceans. Ocean waste pollution has now reached such a magnitude that you can witness it simply by walking on any beach on the planet.


Therefore, Waste Free Oceans is committed to cleaning not only the oceans, but also the beaches. We organise beach clean-up events regularly, in various parts of the world, together with local organisations and volunteers.

WFO believes that each clean-up raises public awareness to the threat of marine litter in a very effective way. In various studies, volunteers say that participating in clean-up events makes them more mindful of how they dispose of their own waste.


We invite you all to participate! No matter how young or old, or wherever you are, you can help make our oceans and beaches cleaner and healthier.


Waste Free Oceans aims to build new partnerships with local organisations and companies, in order to clean up beaches and riverbanks more efficiently.

What can you wear for the clean-ups?

Waste Free Oceans has its own collection of ocean style clothing. These t-shirts and sweaters were designed to raise awareness of floating plastic, while being stylish in design. 


Waste Free Oceans teamed up with Teemill, who prints, packages and posts all clothing orders. Items are made from certified organic cotton or bamboo, in an ethically accredited wind-powered factory and can be traced from ‘Seed to Shop’. Proceeds from sales go towards Waste Free Oceans' mission of collecting and transforming ocean plastic.

The reason why we created this collection is simple. We would like to ensure Waste Free Oceans' mission of cleaning oceans, rivers and beaches reaches people all around the world. Help us achieve our goal!

You can get one here!

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