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Launched in 2017, WFO Asia aims to address the growing concern of marine pollution and poor waste management practices across Asia.


WFO Asia currently operates in the following regions:
  • Hong Kong (with WWF Hong Kong)
  • India (Mumbai)
Long term, WFO Asia aims to implement marine clean-ups and partnerships and lobby stakeholders across greater South-East Asia (where waste management standards are the lowest) and the Indian Subcontinent.

WFO also encourages projects aiming to facilitate plastic recycling, such as India's first garbage café, located in Chhattisgarh (see video below). This establishment provides a full meal to rag pickers and homeless people in exchange for 1 kg of plastic waste. The collected plastic will be used to build roads in the region.

Where we have operated so far


Screenshot 2022-07-13 121809.png

Plastic Recycling Conference Asia 2020

The Plastic Recycling Conference Asia 2020 (PRCA 2020) was held on 7 January 2020, in Mumbai. The event focused on the global technologies in plastics and plastic recycling industry, as well as waste management.


The Mumbai Project

WFO Asia is setting up a unique project in India, helping to develop a circular economy in the country. The aim is to turn mixed flexible plastic packaging into a social housing concept in the slums, which will take waste from the streets, rivers and beaches of Mumbai.  


Cleaning up the Hong Kong Bay with WWF Hong Kong

WFO Asia has collaborated with WWF Hong Kong on two initiatives which aim to clean up the Hong Hong Bay and provide alternatives to conventional packaging within the fishing sector.

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