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WFO is currently working in the Dominican Republic on an on-going project aimed at tackling a pressing environmental issue. As a part of our mission to combat plastic pollution and promote sustainable waste management, we are proud to collaborate with local partners to make a tangible difference.
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The Dominican Republic faces a significant waste management challenge, generating over 11,000 metric tons of waste each day. What's even more alarming is that more than 2,000 metric tons of this waste consist of plastic – that's equivalent to a staggering eight million plastic water bottles every single day.
At Waste Free Oceans, we firmly believe that change starts with action. By working hand in hand with local partners, communities, and stakeholders, we are helping for a cleaner and healthier future for the Dominican Republic and beyond.


Waste Free Oceans and the Recyclers have joined forces to tackle the pollution in the rivers of Dar-Es-Salam. Our first step was cleaning up the rivers, and now we are seeking funds to build a barrier on the bridge you can see below. This barrier will prevent waste from flowing from the river into the ocean.
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90 volunteers gathered at Mbezi Beach, equipped with waste pickers and bin bags, to restore the beach to its natural beauty. Local fishermen also made use of the WFO waste-catching yellow trawl to catch floating waste in the ocean. This simple technology enables local communities to participate in the restoration of natural environments and eliminate the waste found on their shorelines.​
With these actions, we hope to bring to the forefront the urgency of tackling plastic waste and promote the use of recycled plastic in society.


​​Waste Free Oceans and ICENECDEV, a Cameroonian NGO, aimed at addressing the critical issue of plastic pollution. This collaboration entails leveraging our collective expertise and providing essential materials to orchestrate impactful beach clean-up initiatives in coastal communities in Douala and Limbe.
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As urbanization and population growth surge, the production of household waste has exhibited an alarming upward trajectory, now estimated at a substantial 5.5 million tonnes annually – equivalent to 16,000 tonnes daily. Through this joint endeavor, we are dedicated to combating this pressing challenge and fostering a cleaner, more sustainable environment. We invite you to stay tuned for forthcoming updates as we collaborate closely with ICENECDEV to clean our beaches and oceans, thus ensuring a pristine legacy for generations to come.


Waste Free Oceans is proud to spearhead a transformative endeavor in collaboration with one of our partners, SVR. Together, we are orchestrating a meaningful cleanup initiative in the picturesque locales of Biarritz and Hossegor.
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This concerted effort goes beyond the conventional as it not only aims to cleanse the beaches but also serves as a pivotal platform to enhance awareness and knowledge. Targeting a diverse audience that encompasses tourists, surfers, and local residents, our joint initiative seeks to educate and ignite conversations about the pressing issue of ocean pollution. By engaging the very communities that treasure these coastal havens, we hope to catalyze a profound shift in consciousness and inspire actions that resonate far beyond the shores.


Waste Free Oceans is part of a European project funded by a programme from the European Commission "Horizon Europe" called SURPASS. 
The SURPASS project is dedicated to driving innovation for a brighter future. With a focus on industries like construction, transportation, and packaging, this initiative is all about crafting advanced and safe polymeric materials for Small and Middle Enterprises (SMEs). By developing materials that are both robust and environmentally responsible, the project aims to elevate industries while also addressing sustainability challenges. In essence, SURPASS is committed to enhancing sectors vital to our daily lives by introducing cutting-edge solutions that promote safety, sustainability, and recyclability.
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