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In partnership with the Association "Moi Jeu Tri" and "Africa Global Recycling" in Togo and in Ivory Coast, we are:


  1. Supporting the establishment of a "Moi Jeu Tri" programme in a school in the port city of Aneho (Togo) :


  • The installation of 9 selective sorting bins;

  • The establishment of collection of plastic, paper and metal waste.


   2. Creating one educational video around the protection of the ocean:


  • The capsule will be shown to children of the entire MJT network in Togo and Ivory Coast;

  • The aim is to create two short videos (2-3 minutes), with simplified content and easy words, for kids to really understand the issue of plastic waste in their immediate environment.

We are working with 86 schools in Togo (Lomé and Aného) and will reach about 40 000 children. The video content is intended to be shared as widely as possible in Togo, in Ivory Coast, on social networks, and to be used even outside school network. The aim is to raise awareness widely.

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