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WFO at the Plastics Recycling Show in Amsterdam!

Between the 29th and 20th March 2017, Waste Free Oceans participated in the Plastics Recycling Show (PRS) in Amsterdam, an exhibition for plastics recycling professionals bringing together key stakeholders from the plastics and recycling sectors. Represented by WFO Europe's Sarah Goerres and Stephanie Maes, Waste Free Oceans had a booth during the exhibition, demonstrating the opportunities available for companies and plastic manufacturers to recycle and produce new products from marine plastic litter. Stephanie Maes also gave a presentation during the two day event, highlighting how business can get together to create actionable change and awarding the first respondent to her question "Who cares?" with a wonderful recycled bag from Ecover.

Waste Free Oceans booth was among the most visited and successful at the event, with stakeholders including journalists, recyclers, plastic producers and NGO's alike learning about WFO's Fishing for Litter and "Closing the Loop" projects. .Several companies also stated their interest in partnering with Waste Free Oceans, leading to follow-up discussions after the event had concluded.

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