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Waste Free Oceans and ICENECDEV Join Forces to Combat Marine Plastic Litter in Cameroon

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

[Duala, Cameroon, September 2023]

Waste Free Oceans, a global initiative dedicated to tackling marine plastic pollution, is proud to announce its partnership with ICENECDEV, the International Center for Environmental Education and Community Development, a non-governmental organization based in Cameroon since 2005. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to address the critical issue of marine plastic litter and raise awareness about its devastating consequences. The joint project kicked off on September 16th, for World Cleanup Day, focusing on beach cleanup and community engagement initiatives along the west coast of Cameroon, starting in the vibrant city of Douala.

Cameroon, in particular, faces a significant challenge, with approximately 10,671 tonnes of plastic waste entering the ocean each year. The poor disposal of waste in drainage channels significantly contributes to flooding in Duala and many western parts of the country. Given the suboptimal condition of drainage infrastructure and its low elevation, Douala is particularly vulnerable to flooding, leading to widespread environmental and economic damage. ICENECDEV, armed with its own waste management site, will play a pivotal role in this collaboration by leading beach cleanup activities and awareness campaigns throughout Cameroon's west coast. With the dedicated efforts of volunteers and the local community, they will embark on a mission to clean up the beaches and educate the public on the importance of responsible waste disposal.

One of the unique aspects of this partnership is ICENECDEV's commitment to sorting and separating collected waste to facilitate recycling. By bringing back the collected plastic and other waste to their waste management site, they will contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution while promoting sustainable waste management practices in Cameroon. This partnership between Waste Free Oceans and ICENECDEV exemplifies the collective global effort needed to address the pressing issue of marine plastic pollution. By taking action on the ground in Cameroon, we are not only safeguarding our oceans but also striving to make a positive impact on local communities and ecosystems.

Together, we can turn the tide on plastic litter and create a cleaner, more sustainable future for our planet.

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