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WFO partners with Hansae to clean up the oceans

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Waste Free Oceans has started a new partnership with Hansae, with the aim of cleaning up the oceans more efficiently. The global leading company in apparel industry is committed to helping WFO tackle the marine litter crisis, which is expected to get worse without drastic action. In fact, the amount of plastic waste that flows into the oceans every year could nearly triple by 2040. That is why such partnerships are important to contribute to reversing the trend.

Established in South Korea in 1982, Hansae is an innovative fashion design company specialised in clothing exports. Currently, the enterprise has 14 global corporations in 7 countries (U.S., Vietnam, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Indonesia, Myanmar and Haiti).

Hansae pursues economic efficiency and environmental green initiatives as a sustainable company. It has set the reduction target of electricity, oil, greenhouse gas emissions and water as a major part of its sustainability initiatives. The company has also pledged to donate 10% of net profits from all sustainable orders towards future sustainability projects.

Waste Free Oceans is looking forward to a successful partnership that will lead to efficient clean-up operations. Through this partnership, WFO also hopes to reach a wider audience and better raise awareness of marine litter.

Click here for more information on Hansae.

Contact: Cyrielle Feumetio, WFO Chief Business Development Officer at

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